Selling Real Estate In The Digital Age

Dated: 01/07/2016

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Selling real estate in the digital age is constantly evolving. Days of hand delivering offers and faxing are over. With tools like Hello Fax, agents can now use a common tool on-the-go. Faxes are sent directly into your inbox, keeping you mobile and flexible. When interviewing an agent to either buy or sell your home. Do you want an agent who is tied down to their office with mounds of unorganized files on their desk? Or one who is completely mobile and can pull any file from their mobile device or computer? Agents who don't constantly strive to stay up with the technology changes are going to find themselves trailing further and further behind.

We are in the Information Age, as a professional, we should be able to have access to our real estate toolbox at our fingertips. The shift in our industry has created us to be more accessible, mobile and efficient.

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One of the reasons I love #exprealty is their 3D, immersive cloud office. #exprealty is the brokerage of the future. Giving agents access to top notch daily training and collaboration like none other that I have seen before. 

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To narrow it down here are the top 5 questions you should ask your real estate agent before hiring:

1.) What is your marketing plan?

2.) How do you differ from the next agent?

3.) What tools do you have available for me to find homes as soon as they hit the market?

4.) Is their brokerage providing them exceptional training and tools?

5.) How will you communicate with me?

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