Oklahoma City Residents Increasingly Happy With OKC As A Place To Live

Dated: 08/17/2015

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(July 21, 2015) - Almost nine out of 10 OKC residents rate their City as an “excellent” or “good” place to live, according to the results of this year’s City of Oklahoma City Citizen Survey.

The 88 percent of survey respondents who rate OKC so highly as a place to live represents a slight improvement over last year, and is 16 percent higher than the national average for large cities.
“The annual survey is an important tool we use to get a true reflection of our residents’ priorities,” City Manager James D. Couch said. “It helps identify the areas of City services that are performing well, and those that need further attention.”

Chris Tatham, president of ETC Institute, delivered the survey results during Tuesday’s Oklahoma City Council meeting. The full survey is available online.

City residents report being most satisfied with residential utility and public safety services. Residents report being the most dissatisfied with street conditions.
Satisfaction with the City’s appearance and image, overall quality of City services and how well the City is planning for growth rate well above national averages for large cities. 

    • Sixty-seven percent of survey respondents are satisfied with the overall quality of City services provided, ranking Oklahoma City 19 percent above the national average.
    • Residents rate how well the City is planning growth at 29 percent above the national average.
    • Satisfaction with OKC’s image is six percent higher than the national average.
Other survey results show:
    • Eighty-seven percent of survey respondents are satisfied with fire service. Seventy-nine percent are satisfied with ambulance service and 71 percent are satisfied with police service.
    • Most residents are satisfied with City Utility Services. Ninety percent are satisfied with residential trash collection, 84 percent are satisfied with bulky waste removal and 83 percent are satisfied with water service.
    • For code and ordinance enforcement services, residents were most satisfied with the enforcement of neighborhood yard parking and animal control services. 
Residents rated the maintenance of city streets as the number one priority to be addressed in the next two years. Overall satisfaction with the condition of major streets is rated significantly below the national average.

Residents also felt the flow of traffic, ease of getting around town, the quality of police services and the quality of the City’s public transportation system are important for the City to emphasize over the next two years.
This is the ninth year ETC Institute of Olathe, Kan., has conducted the satisfaction survey. The six-page survey was mailed to a random sample of 3,000 Oklahoma City households in June. Of those, 1,370 residents responded.
The survey results are available on the City’s website, www.okc.gov.

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