Need Help With Your Down Payment

Dated: 02/20/2017

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Did you know with good credit rating, there are ways to get you into a home with very little down payment?

If you are VA eligible zero down loans are available - and Sellers can contribute up to 6% toward your closing costs.

If you must go FHA, 3.5% is normally required for a down payment - plus the Seller can contribute up to 6% of your closing costs.

For a Conventional loan, first time home buyers (those who haven't owned a home for 3 years) can put as little as 3% down, but often 5% is required. Sellers are limited to 3% they can help you with on a conventional loan.

NOW, here's the best part....  You can get down-payment assistance from local agencies that GIFT you the down payment money.  Yep, free money!  There are income limits, but you would be surprised on how much you can make.  Combine that with Seller assistance (which I can structure into your deal), you can buy that home NOW for very little out of your own pocket!  Here is one local OKC agency offering down payment assistance:

I am not kidding!  Local lenders are here to help, and YOU should take advantage of the FREE money available.  For a $100,000 home, these agencies GIVE you $3,500 to $5,000.... and you can get an additional $6,000 from the seller from the proceeds of the home with FHA and VA loans.  

Now, you must find a home that qualifies...., a fixer-upper normally won't qualify, but who wants that anyway! Leave those to the investors, let them do the work, then we'll use their money to get you into that home!

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