Lake Overholser Outdoor Adventures And Sunsets And A Place To Call Home

Dated: 10/17/2015

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I love the times spent enjoying Great Adventure Sports where you push your limits ,face your fears,, and challenge your greatest human capabilities and instincts.

These moments come to mind as life's  greatest rewards of endurance. 

 When I look back on my most favorite memories of past times I would have to include times spent at the Lake with friends and family, just hanging out and enjoying the outdoors. The great escape from the busyness of the daily grind of the City life.

The Perfect Getaway

Lake Overholser is a perfect getaway because it is not so small that one cannot enjoy using it recreationally ,but yet is is not so large that you cannot see the other side if you look far enough... 

Each side, depending on where you park ,offers a different perspective in to its awesomeness. 

One side is great for just parking and letting the wind breeze coming off the water hit you in the face and feel refreshed, while yet the other side is great to just sit and park and enjoy quiet serenity and watch the sun set and reflect on the day. 

I then reflect to the quiet sunsets at the end of a long challenging day or commemorating a favorite vacation spot where the day was perfect in every way .

Image titleI love Lake Overholser because I can still go there for a short  trip and still l enjoy these things on a minimal scale. They have now built a Rock Climbing Wall, a Zip Line, Kayaking ,Rowing and I am sure they will add more things in the future. 

Lake Overholser Zipline and Rock Climbing wall

The sunsets are phenomenal ,and if you just have an hour out of the end of your day ,it is breathtaking to just sit and look across the lake and be in awe as the sky turns different colors with each moment the sun is setting and the final finale is just perfect  !  

Lake Overholser Sunsets

Recreational Opportunities

On the far West side of the lake is a family recreational area that includes a playground ,skateboard park as well as walking trails. 

This area has so much to offer in addition to the quiet small town feel just seconds away... 

If you are looking to move to such a place I would love to help you . I have lived in this area for over 23 years and know it well and would really enjoy working with you to find that perfect place to call home 

Find Your Dream Home in Lake Overholser Area

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