Its That Time Of Year To Think About Home Maintainence

Dated: 10/01/2015

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Luxury Homes In <a href='[]=1&types[]=2&areas[]=city:Oklahoma City&beds=0&baths=0&min=0&max=100000000&map=0&quick=1&submit=Search' title='Search Properties in Oklahoma City'>Oklahoma City</a>The Seasons are Changing but your Home Maintenance Schedule doesn't have to 

Don't feel the pinch of an expensive repair that can be avoided with Regular Maintenance 

Filter changes, routine cleaning, and knowing what to check to fix easy problems quickly can extend the life of your homes systems and appliances. 

Image titleHere is a great checklist to keep on hand and stay on top of the curve of Home Maintenance. 


  1. Flush out sediments from your hot water heater and test the pressure relief valve, plus other annual inspection duties should be performed according to the instructions in your manual for the unit.

  2. Have a heating professional check your heating system every year before the winter season.Image title

  3. Protect your home from frozen pipes.

  4. Drain in-ground sprinkler systems.

  5. Have a certified chimney sweep inspect and clean the flues and check your fireplace damper.

  6. Make sure the caulking around doors and windows is adequate to reduce heat/cooling loss.Check painted surfaces for paint failure, water damage, or mildew. Repair or repaint if necessary.

  7. Insulate outdoor faucets, pipes in unheated garages, and pipes in crawl spaces.

  8. Remove bird nests from chimney flues and outdoor electrical fixtures.

  9. Inspect and clean dust from the covers of your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Image title

Image title


  1. Have your furnace serviced annually by a competent professional for efficiency and safety. Home Warranty contracts require unit to be properly maintained. Complaints are common with all home warranty providers if consumers fail to clean or maintain their unit.

  2. Wood burning stove connector pipes and chimneys should be inspected by a certified chimney sweep annually.

  3. Smell around the appliance for gas orders.

  4. Insulate pipes in your home's crawl spaces and attic.Image title

  5. Clear debris out of window wells, gutters, downspouts, and storm drains.

  6. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct, damper and space under the dryer.

  7. Check the attic for adequate ventilation.

  8. Make sure the caulking around doors and windows is adequate to reduce heat loss.

  9. Clean the kitchen exhaust hood and air filters.

  10. Check the water hoses on the clothes washer, refrigerator ice maker and dishwasher for cracks and bubbles.

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