It Was Just A Scam Realtors ® Warn Of Craigslist Criminal

Dated: 08/16/2017

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The Consumer spent about $2,000 and it was just a scam:’

Despite Craigslist warnings at the bottom of the ad not to wire money via Western Union and not to buy something without seeing it first. 

The Oklahoma Association of Realtors says it's seeing a trend of scams, listing foreclosed properties as available for rent. Interested parties fill out an application, get "approved" and wire the money.

Barbara Leatherwood REALTOR, eXp Realty OKC LLC

"Use a realtor, call a realtor, call someone before you put money out

Never ever give money to anyone you have not met up front when you have not seen that property. 


By attempting to do your own sales transaction, whether Buying or Selling one thinks it saves them money when in actuality the money you save is not worth the frustration you encounter. 

Laws change, processes change.... and then there are the criminals who try to slip in and take your money and leave you standing empty handed. 

I believe that knowledge is critical to the process of buying and selling your Home. I want my Clients to always be informed of what to expect, I don't feel comfortable when I see a consumer feel like they are unsure of anything, I love questions.

 If you are a Homebuyer, it costs NOTHING to call a REALTOR® and have Buyer Representation

We are Professionals trained in the field of buying and selling Real Estate. As a buyers Agent, my whole focus is making sure that everything in the process of buying a home is completely understood by my Client.

 If you have questions or unsure about anything, I get you answers. I explain where the money goes, who pays what and I never want the Consumer to feel like they are in the dark about whats happening. If necessary I will answer the same question multiple times until you understand the process. We don't expect Consumers to be a pro at this, that is why it is important to have someone on your Team that cares about whats important to you and will be your advocate and voice!

Barbara Leatherwood REALTOR, eXp Realty OKC LLC

In regards to Sellers, I go over every single step in the process of listing your home, what to expect along the way, where your money goes.who does what, and I stay available at any time of the day or evening to handle your questions and concerns. 

Please at least call and get a FREE CONSULTATION and put your mind at ease. 

If you are just wanting to Lease a property, I will help you do that as well. It is not my area of concentration, but I will help you find a reputable person to assist you if it is something I can't do. The consultation is free and I would feel better knowing you were represented.

To avoid being scammed, the Oklahoma Association of Realtors is offering this advice:

  • Do not pay anyone you have not met

  • Do not wire money through the Western Union or similar services

  • If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is

  • Never give financial information over the phone

  • View online postings with a critical eye and do your research

  • Report suspicious activity or scams

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