Hootens Jazz Kitchen Meat Sauce Is A Taste Of Italy At Home

Dated: 09/14/2016

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OKC Hot Spots recently had the privilege of talking directly with the creator and local talent, David Hooten, about his music career and incredible meat sauce. One thing is certain, this is a talented family full of creative juices and entrepreneurial flare. 

What started as mama's recipe has turned into a great venture for David's children as they decided to pursue a career in marketing and making Hooten's Jazz Kitchen Mean Sauce. 

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What makes Hooten's Jazz Kitchen Meat Sauce so irresistible? The all natural, gluten and preservative free ingredients that are simmered to perfection. Simply open the specialty designed container from freezer to microwave or stove-top and you have an Italian feast created in minutes. 

Image titleIn addition to your Italian feast with Hooten's Jazz Kitchen Meat Sauce, you can create an entire ambiance with the amazing sounds of David Hooten's cds. Gifted on the trumpet playing for the likes of The Pope and other notable names, one listen to this musical genius and local Oklahoma talent, you'll be swept away to the tastes and sounds of Italy. 

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So why not stop on by Braum's or Homeland to get your container of Hooten's Jazz Kitchen Meat Sauce and create an incredible Italian dinner that will impress even the pickiest of eaters. For those out of state, you can order your own batch of sauce here. 

We personally tried this meat sauce and the flavor is incredible. Exploding with flavor and simmered in the crock pot made this addition to pasta the perfect pairing and will definitely be a new favorite on the table for many dinners to come. 

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