Dated: 12/14/2015

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When you find that Home of your Dreams , be sure and also include a One Year Home Warranty.

There are so many things to think about the first year of Home ownership , and as we all know unforseen things happen irregardless of how perfect a home may seem initially ..

A Home Warranty cuts your costs of having a Service call and Repair .

I make it a practice to ask the seller to pay for this on behalf of the Buyer for peace of mind . 

As a courtesy to my Buying Clients I negotiate the cost of a One Year Home Warranty into the purchase ..

Watch and see all the benefits of what a Home Warranty can do   


I am in no manner affiliated with nor do I receive compenastion from this Home Warranty Company . 

I have had the privileged of knowing my Clients have benefited from their service and have been pleased with the results . 

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