Craigs Curious Emporium

Dated: 12/13/2016

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Do you like unusual gifts for that hard to buy person, or how about something unique that no one will think about finding? That's the beauty of Craig's Curious Emporium. They offer rare, artistic, and fun options for gift giving and home decor.


Candles, jewelry, and hats are just some of the sought after items in this eclectic little shop tucked away in the Paseo Art District.


The store feels like you are stepping into a faraway land full of treasures that only you know about and the anticipation builds as you discover that perfect item you've been dreaming about.

Whether you are looking for incense to entice the senses in a pleasing aroma, or fairy butterflies to hang in your office, Craig's Curious Emporium will not disappoint.


What could be more magical than taking a trip to the Paseo area, grabbing some delicious food at one of the restaurants, and popping into Craig's Curious Emporium for a fun and funky treat?

craigs-coverPeople love this place and here is just a few of the things that locals are saying about Craig's Curious Emporium:

"I absolutely love this place!!! Anytime I come to the Paseo District I always come here! Really it's the only place I love to go to! Everyone there is so nice and I love all the unique items available! I have made several purchases. Some things I purchased here are by far cheaper and better quality than other places. Seriously love this place."

"Love this store! Im a stay at home mom right now and this is my new place to go to get a breather for a little while. Staff was super friendly and the vast majority of options of gifts is amazing! Cant wait to go back and get some oils and a burner for my house. Wish I could work here!"

"I love this place!! There's something wonderful for everyone!! My daughter's favorite thing is their insence! It is a great place to get a gift for anyone!!"

So stop on by Craig's Curious Emporium and tell them OKC Hot Spots sent ya!
Located at 3004 Paseo
Hours are: 10 to 9 Tues thru Sat and 12 to 6 Sunday and Monday 10 to 6

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