Dated: 06/13/2017

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Now you are under contract and ready to conduct your inspections!        I always tier my inspections as to not spend a great deal of money in the first day of this investigations time frame.

A thorough inspection of a Historic Home can run over $1500.

I begin with General Home Inspection and Termite Inspection.    Usually, an Engineers Inspection is necessary, especially after the earthquakes we have encountered.     If we run into any structural problems, I have suspended further inspections until I negotiate an amount for any foundation work that may be necessary   (why spend additional funds if the seller is unwilling to assist in these problems?)

We have conducted numerous MOLD Inspections in Historic Homes during my 14 year career.       We have found various types of MOLD in homes, basements and garages, sometimes of the toxic variety.    Very important!!

A Sewer Scope is also very important!    With the ages of sewer lines being constructed almost 100 years ago, very easy to find root intrusion (can be corrected by a Roto-Rooter Servicing) to lines that are literally collapsed (necessary to completely replace----$10,000 to $20,000, depending!)

A Sewer Scope Inspector can also perform Duct Scoping, very important especially if duct work is in the floors!

On our contracts, other inspections that are possible are listed.     Would include for sure, Lead Based Paint inspections.   

Homes are a very large investment; well worth the money spent during the Inspections process1  

My Last Blog will detail maintaining your Historic Home to enjoy the most appreciation over the years!

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