Yukon Oklahoma Honored As 2017 Playful City USA Designation Yet Again

Dated: 08/15/2017

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National non-profit KaBOOM! is honoring Yukon with a 2017 Playful City USA designation yet again! 

Playful City USA honors cities and towns across the country for putting the needs of families first so kids can learn, grow and develop important life skills. 

These communities are transforming ordinary places into playful spaces and using play as a solution to the challenges facing their residents.


The 2017 Playful City USA recognition includes 258 communities from Richmond, Virginia to Richmond, California that make it as easy as possible for kids to play. In total, these communities feature more than 14,000 safe and engaging play spaces that serve more than 4 million kids

Photo Courtesy of Yukon Homes Guide.com                                                                            Photo courtesy of Yukon Homes Guide                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

                                        photo courtesy of City of Yukon                                                                                 

Yukon’s spirited events and festivals, such as Freedom Fest, the Czech Festival, Rock the Route and Christmas in the Park played a vital role in the designation. 



The City of Yukon also has numerous neighborhood parks and programs in which all ages and fitness levels can engage in fun and dynamic activities. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo courtesy of City of Yukon

                        Photos courtesy of City of Yukon 

photo courtesy of YUKON HOMES GUIDE

As cities are becoming hotbeds for innovation, communities across the country are creating inventive ways to attract and retain residents. Playful City USA honorees are taking bold action to ensure kids have great places to play – all with the ultimate goal of making play the easy choice for all kids, no matter where they live. 

In addition to the playground down the street, Playful City USA communities are turning grocery stores, vacant lots, crosswalks and sidewalks into opportunities for play.

“We are thrilled to recognize Yukon for putting kids first,” said KaBOOM! CEO James Siegal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

The well-being of our communities starts with the well-being of our kids, and play is critical for them to thrive. 

Yukon Homes guide

It is our collective responsibility to ensure that all kids get the childhood they deserve filled with play.”  

To see the full list of Playful City USA communities and to learn more about making play the easy choice for kids, visit kaboom.org/playfulcityusa. You can also take part in the conversation with leaders across the country using #PLAYceforkids on Twitterand Facebook.

Playful City USA is one of Yukon’s best designations. Optimism, energy and opportunity inspire the best in everything we do

Image title                                                    Photo courtesy of Yukon Homes Guide                                                   

If you are looking to move to the Yukon Oklahoma area, I can show you around and tell you about this great town. I have been a resident here since 1991.

My home search site is www.yukonhomesguide.com .My contact information is 405-301-7824. 

Feel free to call or text for a FREE HOME SEARCH APP   405-301-7824

Originally Posted, in part, by City of Yukon on 05/18/2017. Some content has been added to such as local photos of the area by Barbara Leatherwood, local Realtor with eXp Realty. 

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